Funding Received for Abattoir Feasibility Study

LAFS has been approved for $10,000 in funding to create an Abattoir Feasibility Study! A big thank you to the Province of BC and Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development for supporting this project.

The project will fund a feasibility study to establish a local abattoir for the Lillooet region. The goals of the study are as follows:

o Determine the economic viability of a licensed abattoir in the Lillooet region
o Evaluate the market and assess the financial feasibility of an abattoir
o Research and recommend partnerships, training and value-added products
o A list of recommendations regarding next steps


There is strong interest from local producers to research the opportunities and barriers to establishing an abattoir and related businesses. Producers want to decrease their travel time to licensed facilities. Currently, they must travel approximately 140 kilometres each way. The study will include recommendations on the type of abattoir that would be best suited for our region and possible locations (if location is permanent). Partnerships, training and value-added products will also be researched.

A Request for Proposal has been developed and will be distributed in early February.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Photo Credit: Spray Creek Ranch


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